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OVEN Thermostats Rebuilt (antique Gas or Electric) and

carbon rod REGULATORs / thermostats - pictures 20s to 30s

Domestic and Commercial - 'REBUILT Like New Again'

Rebuilding Antique Stove Thermostat Saves Church Over $6,000!  Read below...


"My Oven is Working Great and

I Am Satisfied ..."

Jack Santoro,  …on the thermostat we received from you. Everything went smoothly and I am very pleased with your service. The transaction / turnaround time was fast! My oven is working great and I am satisfied with the replacement.

Thank you very much.

Regards, Daniel Molina

TOAC Membership (Not necessary for a rebuild.)


FREE Block-Off Kit to use your stove top,

read details below.


Click here to take a look at pictures of t-stat types.

 A special salute to our customers who

refused to say, "Throw it away."

This HALL of FLAME AWARD® goes to

Christine and Ed Habeeb 



IMPORTANT: All thermostats are rebuilt in a CERTIFIED facility sanctioned by both the American and Canadian Gas Association and carry a TWO YEAR domestic and ONE YEAR commercial warranty. Thermostats are restored to meet original specifications for optimum, long-lasting performance. 

For maximum SAFETY, 

no co-mingling of parts from non-matching units are ever used.

Deep Discount Prices plus ... Safety First!


Antique Commercial Stove 

Thermostat and

Safety Valve Rebuilding

 Calling All Restaurants, Multiple Housing Units,

Institutions, Private Homes 

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a new commercial stove or remodel an entire kitchen just to accommodate a new range.

Look for both Model / Type on your t-stat back / side, 

then contact us to start the rebuild -

We can rebuild or supply 99% of all gas or electric thermostats and safety valves ever built. The savings is below...

A Real Blessing

Vicksburg, MS - Not even the Comstock Stove Company, who originally built this big commercial eight burner, double oven, circa 1940 stove, could restore the broken oven thermostats in this Christ Episcopal Church range. It seemed the only choice was to condemn the stove and buy a new one at a replacement cost of over $7,000.00. But, when Edward Habeeb read about our vintage thermostat rebuilding service in "Ask Anne and Nan", he decided to contact us to solve their unique problem. Ed sent us both antique oven thermostats, which were completely remanufactured back to original factory specifications. Then, with a few rebuilding suggestions, Ed, Jim Miller, Jack Barnes, Jim O'Brien, Allen Rooke and Mike Chaney completed the rest of the refurbishing themselves and saved their church a whopping $6,000.00!

Pictured are Christine and Edward Habeeb


picture of christine, ed, friend and stove
New! – Discount pricing on Multiple units – Stock up and save big!

24 hr. turnaround for T-stats IN-STOCK ... (805) 643-3532 ... Just Look for Type and Brand below ...



WE REBUILD OLDER 1920s - 30s 

HEAT 'Regulators' 

Lorain, Robertshaw, Wilcolator etc.


FREE phone or e-mail consultation with all  orders.



Do not use your stove without a thermostat. 

See Block Off Kit info below.


Thermostat Rebuild a Success

for 1930s Range

Had the big holiday party on Saturday & our stove was

 a huge hit.”  

Dear Jack,

     Thanks, Jack, for your continued help with my stove project.  As always, you are quick to offer support.  A few weeks ago I was quite sure that my Bristol Universal, which I bought curbside for a mere $40, was going to end up in the garage beyond repair.  J.E.S. Enterprises was wonderful about helping me find a replacement for my 1930s stove.  Made a heck of a garlic & rosemary chicken the other night with oven browned potatoes. 

 - L. Apfelbeck, WI

     P.S. - Had the big holiday party on Saturday and the stove was a huge hit.  LOTS of folks eyed my Bristol-Universal with envy as we melted the Brie and heated water for Tom & Jerry's. Two women asked "So, where's the stove you really use?"  When I said the Bristol-Universal was the one and only, eyes lit up.  There may be more tribal members in Manitowoc soon.  :)

“Just wanted to give you guys a big American-Flag salute for helping me get our stove up and running.  My wife is so happy!” 

- R. Mellinger, MI


Thermostat Rebuilding preserves the function,

originality and value of your range .


1. Thermostat is located behind the oven dial. 

2.  Keep capillary tube attached - do not take apart.

3. Thermostat Model Type and Numbers are on the back, side or front (see pictures).



Click here to take a look at pictures of some models to match yours.




We will still need the Type, brand and Numbers  

on the back and side of your 

Domestic or Commercial Thermostat.

(Stove type not required.)



Call (805) 643-3532 to find out if your 

Thermostat is IN-STOCK. 



Besides optimum performance, 

using original thermostat parts saves time, money and protects our environment.



"We Struggled with attempting to Heat Up things - like Christmas Dinner!"

Hello... Today I spoke with a lady from your company. She was a wonderful help and I really enjoyed speaking with her. She was thorough in her explanations and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you for creating a safety system and rebuilding our thermostat...Our stove works beautifully!...Thank you for having employees who make the experience a comfortable and enjoyable one. Now our retro 1940's kitchen is in full swing with our fabulous oven!

  J. Garcia

Lakewood, California


FREE USE OF OUR 17 PIECE BLOCK-OFF KIT while your thermostat is being rebuilt.

Save almost $30.00 and enjoy the use of your stove.

Why Spend almost $30.00 for a Block-Off Kit You Will Only Use One Time?


 We’ll be glad to loan you ours - FREE. All that is required is a refundable deposit and a small shipping charge. Just as soon as you are finished using the Block-Off Kit, return it in good condition and your deposit will be cheerfully refunded (supply limited).

Contact: or call 805-643-3532 for further details on your type of range.

Thermostat Rebuilding for 

Domestic or Commercial Vintage Stove


If the temperature in your stoves' oven is erratic or no longer working correctly, it may be time to consider having the thermostat rebuilt.



Warranty Service which is good for

TWO full years on Domestic thermostats.


ALL thermostat exchanges must be sent back within 30 days. Call (805) 643-3532 or e-mail before sending any thermostat in for exchange.


Note:  We also have Adjustment and Maintenance Information available for minor oven temperature fluctuations for many t-stats


We can rebuild most thermostats from the 1920s – 1990s to original factory specifications. All parts are American made and of A-1 quality. Only certified technicians do all rebuilding. Each thermostat is leak-proofed, calibrated and oven tested. Once reinstalled in your stove, you may or may not need to have it readjusted due to the differences in oven construction.

If we rebuild your thermostat, we can provide free consultation to your technician by phone, the Internet, fax or mail in reference to removing or installing the unit. Depending on the make, you "may" be able to use the rest of your stove (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE OVEN). Look on the control body, either on the back or the side of the thermostat, and let us know what model or type number the control is. As soon as we get this information we can give you an estimate of the cost in rebuilding the unit.

Most new generic replacements that are available for a few old stoves come with a 90-day warranty. When we rebuild your original domestic thermostat, we give a 2 to 2-1/2 year warranty on parts and service since the original thermostat is always the best core to use and 1 year warranty for commercial stoves.




Baked Biscuits from



Dear Jack,

Here is the picture of my stove and me. It took a long time to get up to the old homestead in the mountains of western MD, but I finally installed the Wilcolator thermostat you repaired for my Roper stove last October. I can tell you that the biscuits don't burn up in two minutes as they did before. I'm inspired to order some of your publications to help me to keep the stove alive and well in the future.

I find it amazing and wonderful that a modern technology - the internet, helped me find you in order to get some older technology for my stove. And thank goodness there is someone like JES that cares about these old stoves.


Thanks and Best regards, 

Robin Shoen





Charles Mason of CA writes: "Here are my wife, Aileen, and our daughter, Margie Knudsen, preparing the family Christmas Eve dinner... We are really glad to be able to use this second oven now. 

Thank you, thank you thank you."


  This is exciting news! 

We are ready to discuss any stove problem with you free of charge! 


Note:  We also have Adjustment and Maintenance Information available for minor oven temperature fluctuations for many t-stats

   We Can Make Your Old Thermostat Work JUST LIKE NEW !

Proud sponsors of The Old Appliance Club  -  Home of The Old Road Home magazine.


Note:  We also have Adjustment and Maintenance Information available for minor oven temperature fluctuations for many thermostats.




Call (805) 643-3532  or  Email  for Assistance.

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Insurance Coverage or Signature Confirmation - Available Upon Request.

Shipping and handling added to all orders. California orders will have tax added.

20% restocking charge for: incorrect orders, returns, or invalid address. Shipping is nonrefundable. 

All sales final on PDF and printed materials.

Not responsible for orders placed or parts left after 30 days unless previously arranged.


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Guessing the value of a stove over the phone is not accurate.

We don't do it! 

 We are not psychic.

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