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OVEN Thermostats or Regulators Rebuilt for antique stoves

Send a few good digital pictures and details of symptoms -

So we can respond ASAP. See Models Below...





Educational tools - order below.

Specific Guides / Charts / Sheets on

servicing and adjusting most early

and later model thermostats.



Help keep your antique stove Original - working properly and retaining its highest value. No Replumbing Saves Time and Money.



Early oven thermostats are actually very accurate instruments. Although many of the first oven regulators

are well over 70+ years old, thousands are still in

use today.


Left - Top to Bottom


Robertshaw Oven Heat Control (B)


Wilcolator Oven Heat Regulator


Lorain Red Wheel Oven Regulator


Robertshaw Oven Heat Control (K)






Rebuilding service... If you own an early gas stove with a non-functioning oven regulator like a Lorain, Robertshaw or Wilcolator Porcelain / Carbon Rod regulator there is good news!


These regulators were built so well that, in most cases, the original unit can be rebuilt to function just like new.


Write us at or call (805) 643-3532 if you are having trouble with your regulator and to see if you need the Rebuilding Service.



Rare documents like these are a must

have if you are a stove owner, especially with an early gas regulator.


With this material, your local stove or appliance tech will be able to quickly understand how these early oven heat control mechanisms work. Guesswork and service time is kept to a minimum.


Once the unit is examined, either it can be serviced right on the spot by your tech or if rebuilding is required just contact us at or call (805) 643-3532.


Lorain Red Wheel PDF by Email - $19.95. 

Many more Styles Available, Contact us below.

Shipping and tax removed when final order is processed. You will receive your copy within 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays.



or Lorain Red Wheel Hardcopy by Mail - $20.

Many More Styles Available, see below. 

Plus Shipping  (tax all CA orders)



More Styles Available

Regulator & Thermostat Guides /

Tech Sheets - Go to this link:

Guides / Tech Sheets

If you have a different style than

the Lorain Red Wheel then,

see styles available in link above.


Use the order form above.

Write your Style in the "Comments:"

Styles Need to Match Exactly.


If you have a Style that is Not Listed

in the link above,

please contact us first.



Call (805) 643-3532  or 

Email  for Assistance.

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