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Genuine Stove and Oven Insulation


For Antique, New and Commercial Stoves, Heating Ovens, Furnaces,

Solar and Powder Coating Ovens, Standard and Self Cleaning stoves, Broilers,

Countertop stoves, Incinerators, Oven panels and Fireplaces


Increase Oven Efficiency – As a stove gets older, the original insulating material can deteriorate. When this happens you may start to notice that your kitchen range seems unusually hot. This is a huge waste of energy. It’s almost like operating the heating system in your home, during the winter with all the windows wide open.


Replacing insulation with J.E.S. Enterprises superior Super Hi-Heat range insulation will keep the majority of heat inside the oven or broiler where it belongs.

Blanket style Insulation:  Let us know number of feet needed.

Residential and Commercial stoves.

Whole Roll or by the foot. Prices vary.

Length:  minimum 2 feet to any length needed.  Width:  comes in a 2 foot wide roll.


Look underneath, see if the bottom needs insulation.


Call (805) 643-3532  or  Email  for Pricing and Assistance.


If you prefer Loose style Insulation: clean used gray Rockwool is also available. 

For Loose style Rockwool Insulation click here.


Household insulation in a stove melts and smells...Don't pay twice by getting the wrong type.






Type 1 - up to 1,000 degrees, 2" thick.

Type 2 -  up to 2,200 degrees, 1" thick.

Type 3 -  up to 2,200 degrees , 1/2" thick

Take off the stove panels. See how much damaged insulation needs to be replaced.

Measure Length to order.

Blanket types come in a 2 foot wide roll.  How to Measure ... See below.



After a stove has been around for a number of years it can start to have a bad smell. 

There are a few reasons for this.


Vaporized Grease – As grease is vaporized eventually it will seep into the insulation of a stove. What you smell when you turn on your old range is actually rancid vaporized animal fat being heated over and over and over again within the stoves interior. You won’t believe how much fresher your kitchen will smell by replacing the fat saturated old insulation with


Insect and rodent nests – Although you may never have given it a thought, a New or Old Stove is an ideal home for insects and rodents. They find there way into the insulation blanket and actually build a cozy little home for themselves and their relatives. Unfortunately, they are not decent tenants .They eat the greasy insulation and use the stove as a ‘restroom’ and home for their next generation. This is a very common complaint. Although it sounds nauseating, this can be totally eliminated by removing the old insulation and replacing it with

super HI-Heat range insulation from J.E.S. Enterprises.

Insulation for Stoves - High Heat


Take off the stove panels. Measure length to be replaced. Rolls come 2' wide - any length.

Once replaced, your stove will be Like New all over again!

  Our insulation is made of the finest grade stove insulating materials. It utilizes a special textured fiberglass weave employing millions of ‘air sacs’ that super-charge or magnify the insulating properties inside the walls of your range.


J.E.S. Enterprises superior super HI-Heat Range Insulation Can Be Used to

Replace Insulation in ALL stoves or other cooking devices which previously used

Fiberglass, Asbestos, Rockwool or other insulations.


  E-mail or call J.E.S. Enterprises for the best and most economical way to re-insulate your stove.

Your stove will operate as efficiently and odor-free as it was designed to

when it rolled off the factory floor.

Call (805) 643-3532  or  Email  for Pricing and Assistance.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers:

Mice Infested Stove - Ruined the Insulation and

Stored Gallons of Dog Kibble inside their Range!

One afternoon my husband had a spill on the stove top and was afraid that it may have leaked through to the burners into where all the insulation would be. Usually that’s not an issue as this type oven has the spill proof rings around the burners. But just to make sure, he checked. And thank goodness he did. He was absolutely astonished; mice had taken up residency. There was, and I’m not exaggerating, a 13 gallon trash can that he filled up with “kibbles” as in dog food! In addition there were also three dead mice and mice droppings. Needless to say he tried to clean it out as best as possible without destroying the insulation, but to no avail, the electric wires were just too exposed, consequently that would have burned the wires and created an even bigger problem. So for a month I didn’t cook.

I wanted to take a moment and thank the men and women that work at TOAC. Everyone I spoke with was very nice and professional. They helped me with my stove insulation needs.

Sincerely, J. Farmer - Arizona

"This is great stuff. The old insulation was not in bad shape but it definitely needed to be changed. The quality of the (new) blanket is amazing and the fact that it doesn't splinter into your skin during installation is a big plus. I would rate this as a five star product out of four stars. I was impressed - a rare experience that I truly welcome."

 P. Rastocny - Florida




Measure:  Open your stove, measure insulation needing replacement.

Or, measure length/width of stove panels.


To Order - call or email exact number of  linear or square feet.


Insulation comes in a 2 foot wide roll.

Easy to install, thick soft blanket, no mess. Easy to cut with household scissors. 

Minimum order:  2 linear / 4 square feet.

To Order Hi-Heat Stove Insulation

Email or Call

(805) 643-3532   /



No refund, return, or cancellation

after Insulation is cut to your order.

JES Enterprises, Inc. is not responsible for any damage due to installation, local codes, stove specifications, or misuse. We recommend a professional appliance technician to properly and safely install.

Typically ships within 24 hours if you call your order in early.


We Accept All credit and debit cards

as well as Pay Pal for Fast ordering!


TOAC Club Members get a Discount. 

Insulation - order by Square or Linear feet.

Used in modern or antique stoves and

in the refractory industry behind fire brick.

 Make Your Stove 'Showroom New' Again !


Call (805) 643-3532  or 

Email  for Assistance.

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