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Why is it best to rebuild original antique

safety valves?

Without a doubt it is
easier and more economical to rebuild original parts.


Why? Because they are made of the highest quality materials so they can be rebuilt!

and they are designed to fit correctly

without modification!

Solid reasoning says to use original parts.


Rebuild, Reuse, Recycle, Reinstall.


More adjustments = higher labor costs.


You will most likely run into a higher repair bill buying a new safety valve that was

not made to fit your stove.


Most new safety valves are not designed to adapt to your stove. Even if they do work you may be shocked to find out you will need to purchase adapters and more fittings (if they are made). You might also have to make space for a larger valve which can require cutting and fitting!


If you are hiring outside help to assist in the project your service tech will have to cut and bend tubing as well to make the new set up work.


 A change out can be in an awkward position and inhibit useable space.


As an example, in many O'Keefe & Merritt and Wedgewoods an MR2 safety valve is used. By simply rebuilding the original you will eliminate these unnecessary problems.

 The very best and least expensive way to correct a safety valve problem is to have what is already in the stove rebuilt or replaced with an exact rebuilt original.


We supply rebuilt safety valves to service companies throughout north America as well as home owners and service techs and keep a good running stock of valves that can be sent out immediately as a core exchange.


We do all the work for you...when you receive the valve it can be installed and ready to go in a matter of minutes with a few hand tools.


Save time and money by contacting

J.E.S. Enterprises for all types of valve rebuilding, restoring or refurbishing.


All work is fully guaranteed plus for most valves free installation guides with excellent tips for best performance are included.


If you want to keep repair cost as low as possible and have the work done correctly the first time please call or e-mail us as soon as possible so we can help get your stove back up to cooking speed. We love old stoves and want to help you with yours.


Call (805) 643-3532  or 

Email  for Assistance.

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